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What is end of tenancy cleaning?

At the end of a tenancy agreement, it is time for the tenant to give the property back to the control of its landlord. When the tenancy agreement first starts the tenant gives a deposit to pay for any damage to the property during its tenancy. The deposit basically represents an agreement that the tenant will give the property back (at the end of tenancy) in as a good a condition as when the tenancy begins.

This includes cleaning!

Strict cleaning guidelines have to be abided by to ensure you get your deposit back.

Generally speaking a tenant will need an oven clean, carpets shampooing and a very in depth professional clean to return the property properly. This way the tenant is guaranteed to get their deposit back!

This is why you need a company like us who can provide all these services in one bulk end of tenancy cleaning package to ensure the deposit is returned back to them untouched.

End of tenancy cleaning allows us to show off our wide array of services and provides our clients with a peace of mind that their precious deposit is returned.

It makes sense to use us as we have connections to local estate agents and day in day out have a strong communication with inventory clerks who judge our cleaning to the highest degree.

With 8 years of combined knowledge our small but hardworking team will get you your deposit back!

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