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Pressure washing, jet washing or power washing is a vital part of property care.

Whether it’s brickwork, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning or fence cleaning, you’re covered with impact cleaning Ltd. 

Firstly, driveway cleaning is a good way to improve your properties curb appeal. Driveway cleaning can protect your driveway from a build up of moss, weeds and general grime as well as isolated oil stains. We recommend you have your driveway cleaned at least every 12-18 months to prevent risk of having to resurface your driveway. 

With many different surfaces, driveway cleaning requires use of several chemicals and products to ensure it looks its best, but most importantly is also protected.

With a selection of different treatments depending on the surface we are well equipped for all your driveway cleaning needs. 


A case study example for a block paving driveway clean:

First, we coat your driveway in a weed and moss killing treatment. Then we pressure wash the block paving round the edges of the driveway. We will then use a pressure wash surface cleaner to finish off the rest of the surface area. Next, we apply a sodium hypochlorite treatment to remove any excess grime and black spots. We then pressure wash the driveway again to remove the chemical and grime.

At this point your driveway is clean, so we wait for the surface to dry before re-sanding in between the blocks with a chemically engineered sand (prevents re-growth of moss and weeds) to ensure the blocks don’t move when you drive over them. This will complete the driveway clean and protect. For a further level of protection on your driveway clean, we can seal the block paving with a sealant product of your choice. This further protects the surface from grime build up.

Patio cleaning is another way of getting the best out of your property. Whether it’s a summer party or a family BBQ it’s always important to have a clean patio.

We use a van mounted pressure washer to clean your patio. Black spots and lichen can build up on your patio slabs as well as mud and grime. We are well equipped for patio cleaning as we use a range of products to remove such stains. Patio cleaning really improves the curb appeal of your property.

Commercial and residential car park pressure washing

Car park cleaning is a brilliant way to show off your business. Your car park is one of the first things your clients will see before entering your premises. What better way to entice them to enter your property than having a clean car park.

Car park pressure washing can be a long process but it really improves the curb appeal of all property be it a block of residential flats, an office space or a large restaurant. 


Pressure washing in Berkshire.jpg


Pressure washing in Berkshire.jpg


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